In first light you would think that this scent is completely fruity, but it is masterfully coupled with masculine and feminine energies. 

-Organic Soy candle with a Fruity, sweet scent. Calm amber undertones. Notes of Mandarin , Mint, and Patchouli. The visible ingredients are Rosehips, flower petals, and Elderberry.


SKU: W13003
2 Ounces
  •  All of these Designer candles have been Hand-Crafted. Candles are made next day after ordering to ensure its best quality. 2.OZ is suitable for small rooms, bathrooms and 6.OZ are suitable for larger areas. Everything in this candle is HAND MADE! Due to this fact Sizes, Shapes, and colors may vary so that we can better our product by each purchase! Imperfectly perfect.

  • In making sure your candle is made with the maximum quality, it will take 5 days for your candle to cure and hold its potential scent. Cement Vases take 2-3 days to cure. Please add this time when expecting shipments. After curing, expect shipping to be 2-3 business days. Shipping is $12 per order.