This specific scent was created by Raheim Nixon, one of the creators of wholistic + fragrances. This scent is inspired by his birth year in 1993. 


This candle has nostolgic infulential notes such as shea butter, grapefruit, Labdanum, and Nag Champa. Ingridients you can see is Spanish Moss.

It was inspried by his carribean background as well as his hometown Bronx, New York. He took it to a bold level since he likes bold statements. If you are bold, powerful, and unique this is the scent for you! 1993 is such a powerful year with so much influence in culture. A whole new scent, New vase, Wooden Wicks. This candle is slow burning and can last up to 98 hours!


SKU: 93007
12 Ounces